Who We Are

Tony Foundation is a non-profit corporation based in Central Texas. We provide critical financial assistance to families affected by cancer. This provides gap funding for families whose primary income earners, in their most productive years, have been diagnosed with cancer and are unable to continue employment.

To learn more about our strategy for supporting families impacted by cancer, read Our Journey Begins.


Selecting Families

So, how are families selected for assistance? This is another aspect of Tony Foundation that makes our model unique.
We have a committee of medical professionals from different oncology centers to identify and evaluate potential recipients for financial assistance.
This team of advisors has been invaluable in helping us deliver aid where it is most needed. These medical and social workers know the families through their patient visits and treatments, they vet them according to our criteria, and they make expert recommendations to us. It makes us feel great knowing that the donations from our supporters will go to worthy recipients in this manner.
How they are selected
We do sometimes get questions about how to apply for assistance. Due to our arrangement, we unfortunately cannot accept non-referred applications at this time. It is our desire as we grow financially to be able to help more and more families by adding to our process at some point in the future. All of our volunteers and donors are working so hard to get us to that point.

Tony’s Story

My name is Tony Laudadio, I am 36 with a wife and 3 daughters, and I have cancer. I was first diagnosed at age 29, in July of 2013, with renal cell carcinoma and a very large tumor. It caused me to lose my right kidney and forced me out of work for several months. I thought I was well on my way to recovery and potentially ringing the bell (sort of a fun cancer free ritual they do at MD Anderson) when I unexpectedly had my first two seizures. On September 24, 2015, I was diagnosed with a second, completely unrelated cancer — brain cancer.

After my docs determined I had Oligodendroglia Grade 3 Brain cancer, I underwent a successful “awake craniotomy,” which is a very specialized and rare surgery. It was about 8-10 hours long and I was awake for most of it. Following that, I underwent 30 days of brain radiation and 14 months of physical therapy and chemotherapy. Currently, my cancer is stable. But the fight we are facing is far from over and it will most likely be one that I battle for a long time.

I feel like I have a great attitude and I think that is an absolute must. I have kindly been told that I am inspiring and brave and some other qualities, but honestly I am just trying to be like my role models were to me growing up. My grandparents and parents, my three siblings, my aunts and uncles, cousins, my close friends are all people who showed me how to get through tough times.

A picture of Tony's wife Carrie standing at the top of a hill with a picturesque background, wearing an 'I CAN fight cancer' t-shirt.
Tony’s wife Carrie hiking in Tahoe

Most important of all, my wife, Carrie, has been my absolute rock through all of this. She was 7 months pregnant when they removed a tumor the size of a butternut squash from my kidney. Two years later, she was 8 months pregnant at MD Anderson when they operated on a large tumor in my brain. Her strength is remarkable.

Anyone who knows Carrie definitely knows how true this is. She has been with me every step of the way and our love is stronger now than it has ever been. Throughout all of this, she has managed to provide structure at home with our kids, and she has been my biggest inspiration every day.

Finally, I have always loved competition. I treat this experience like an adverse competitive situation, which is never something I have shied away from in the past. Anybody that knows me, knows that I live for those kind of moments. At times, cancer does test my resolve and patience, but I now use such a tough life issue to show my 3 daughters, my friends, and my family how to stare down adversity and continue to tell ‘em to “bring it on.”

Thanks for reading my story. I hope that it might inspire you, or someone else you may be close with so please share it with others. I also encourage others to reach out for help if you need it.

Tony Laudadio

“Worry is a terrible waste of the imagination.”
author unknown


Tony Foundation : What People are Saying

“It will change more than you think. It will get us from a place of stress and feeling overwhelmed, to feeling like we can breathe a little bit again”.

– Briana, Tony Foundation Award Recipient

“Tony is the epitome of a philanthropist who wants to help people. He is a great father to 3 beautiful girls, a loving husband and yet still has the dedication to help other families after multiple cancers and surgeries!! Unlike large organizations, I know that my money is primarily going directly to families in need, not to overpaid executive salaries. Tony Foundation has a reaching effect on people’s lives, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time and supplemental income.” #TFforlife 

– TF Recurring Monthly Donor, Joe Maggiolino

“The Tony Foundation gift was huge. It helped us to get caught up and not have to worry about it. The namesake is also hands on and involved in every aspect”

– Michelle Bradford, caregiver for a Tony Foundation Award Recipient

He is behind on his house this month and he needs a transplant which will make him curable. The problem is he is lacking financial stability and they’re hesitant to move forward. This grant is going to potentially save this patient’s life. I just want you to know how amazing this is”

Social worker at Texas Oncology

“What a transition you’ve made and your generous purpose of serving and helping will spread goodness and hope for so many individuals and families in need.”

– Hugh Dobson, Founding family of Whataburger

“Tony Foundation helps in a very real way to give families something to fight for – an opportunity to use funds to just be together … Taking the money and using it for whatever stressful time is happening and getting to just live as normal as they can with it.”

– Aaron Key, Apex Systems, Sr. Managing Director

“The Tony Foundation has really invigorated and inspired our teams. We love your story, your cause, and look forward to continuing support. It could be any of us. There’s not always a fairy book story, happy ending, or easy way to help someone through a difficult situation with ever evolving complications. But know our people believe, are excited to help, and we will continue support of the foundation.”

– Scott Kennedy TX Executive Director, Apex Systems Partners

“If everyone did a fraction of what you’ve set out to do, it would change so much for the better. I believe your work will inspire people to do just that.”

– Aaron Hominick, CEO Hominick Homes

“We love donating to the Tony Foundation because of the impact it has on working adults and families. Many charities concentrate on children or specific diseases which are great causes, but we feel the Tony Foundation fills a huge gap for providing support to adults in the prime of their lives who run into medical and financial hardships. We have known Tony and the staff for many years and their dedication to this cause is truly inspiring.”

– Thank you to MVP Donor of the Week, Aldo and Nancy Laurenzo

“We donate to Tony Foundation because it could be any of us. If we can help a family just a little in a time of their deepest struggle we hope to do so. Tony is a fantastic friend and we love watching all that he does to serve the community. “

– MVP Donor of the Week, Jack and Jennifer Stivers

“There are endless charities that support so many wonderful causes, but I choose to donate to the Tony Foundation for two reasons.  Seeing how the Tony Foundation not only provides financial support to the families it serves, but also taking it one step further by connecting those families with other programs and resources for continued, invaluable support during their journey inspires me to help their cause.  And secondly, Tony is family…  We are fortunate to be part of a very large family full of love, kindness, and generosity, and I find it amazing that Tony and his crew are taking these values and sharing it with those he and his organization support.  Such a wonderful thing!”

– Tony Foundation Recurring Monthly Donor

“This award will allow me to get caught up on unpaid bills and I will be able to give my baby a normal Christmas.

– Lee Ann, Tony Foundation Recipient

“We give to Tony Foundation because they are truly making a difference in people’s lives. A cancer diagnosis is incredibly devastating, but Tony turned this experience into a determination to help others who find themselves in the same situation. His bright smile and optimistic outlook is an inspiration to all he encounters!”

–  MVP Donor of the Week, Tammy & Andy

“Tony Foundation is so near and dear to the Moore family. We give because this incredible organization is changing lives. Dealing and living with cancer is so hard to imagine for those who it’s affected; their entire livelihoods and family life has been turned upside down. I’d encourage anyone considering a gift to give without looking back. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families who have been found and benefit from the Tony Foundation. What a blessing for those who are truly in need!!”

MVP Donor of the week—Moore Family – Dave, Lauren & Abigail

“The experience of our sister making many scheduled trips for years from Oklahoma to M.D. Anderson for multiple myeloma treatments makes it clear, there are many costs that strain and compromise a family’s resources. Have you ever seen a medical insurance policy that would address, the costs of transportation for treatment, weeks of hotel and food costs while having to stay in Houston while under treatment? The Tony Foundation has an understanding of these and other critical costs incurred when being treated for cancer; but, importantly the Tony Foundation has the freedom of mission and procedure to quickly respond to these needs that are outside of generally available insurance or organization support.”

Jim and Alba, TF MVP Donor of the Week

“I feel so grateful to have TF as a resource to turn to. The impact youre making is invaluable”

Social worker at Texas Oncology

Yesterday I met a REAL-LIFE SUPERHERO, Tony Laudadio, founder of Tony Foundation, non-profit formed to help families who are affected by cancer. His story is truly incredible. Not only is he a survivor, but he channeled his strength to care for others during his most difficult times💯💪

—Tony Foundation Supporter, Caroline Jang

“We give to the Tony Foundation because the work they do is nothing short of spectacular. Being able to give much needed support and love to a family during a crisis feels uniquely personal. The scope is smaller but the impact is greater.”

TF MVP Donors of the Week, Kaleb and Lauren

I give because Tony is a superhero. I believe in him, his purpose and his mission”

– MVP Donor of the Week, Raven

I give because all contributions end up in the wallet of someone who needs it more than I do. Donating to the Tony Foundation is a small act with a big impact, and I couldn’t be prouder to support this cause!”

MVP Donor of the Week, Alison

Cancer sucks… and watching it affect someone’s family who is close to you is hard. Anything to help keep a bright light in tough times is invaluable.”

– MVP Donor of the Week, Danny and Lynde

Why I give: Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another. Tony has selflessly turned his own tragedy into a vehicle for helping others. To sit in the same room with Tony is to be constantly inspired by him and to be able to participate in his journey, even in a small way, is an honor”.

Tony Foundation Sponsor, Law Offices of Chuck Greenlee

The treatments that you are paying for could save a life. There’s nothing more to say, you are not handing out money…you are saving lives.”

Robert, Tony Foundation award recipient

“I don’t like at it as receiving money, I look at it as a second chance at life.”

Tony Foundation award recipient

I am so grateful, oh my gosh. I am so grateful. Your help is going to help me and my kids so much. I have been so worried so much about all the bills I haven’t paid and this is a huge help for us. Thank you so much!”

—Norma, Tony Foundation Award Recipient

WOW!”, –Brittane, Tony Foundation Recipient after receiving her award

Nobody should ever lose their home because they got cancer”

—Scott, a Tony Foundation Board Member


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