A few months ago, a close friend helped facilitate a connection between Tony Foundation and Apex Systems, a leader in workforce solutions and career opportunities to every industry across the U.S. and Canada. Beginning with a few phone calls followed by some in-person visits, an amazing partnership was formed between TF and the Apex offices in Austin and Atlanta. Their enthusiasm for assisting families dealing with a cancer diagnosis was immediate, and Apex employees were eager to help as soon as possible!

Apex Atlanta meeting with Tony Foundation

What started as a fun but competitive fundraising contest between the two offices has grown into Apex Systems becoming Tony Foundation’s first corporate partner, helping to provide direct assistance to families. In just a few short weeks, Apex employees have raised thousands of dollars in donations through contests, raffles, outreach to friends and family and other creative means. As a result of this dedicated fundraising effort, Apex Austin and Apex Atlanta have raised (combined) nearly enough to provide critical assistance to two families in need!

At Apex Austin, the partnership launched with the support of Scott Kennedy (Vice President, Texas District), Aaron Key (Senior Managing Director), and Shea Cuthbertson (Account Director) to great success, thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of Apex Austin’s employees. At Apex Atlanta, efforts have been spearheaded by a philanthropy committee under the leadership of Doug Kenney (Executive Vice President), Steven Ford (Executive Managing Director), and David Ricardo (Executive Sales Director) with an equally energetic response from Apex Atlanta staff!

Apex employees have shared some of their perspectives on why this initiative is important to them. It’s clear that they understand the gravity of the circumstances facing the families that we seek to help, and they feel called to help provide some relief in those families’ hardships.

“Families fighting to beat cancer is an unbearable struggle at times,” said Aaron Key. “Tony Foundation helps in a very real way to give families something to fight for – an opportunity to use funds to just be together … Taking the money and using it for whatever stressful time is happening and getting to just live as normal as they can with it.”

At Tony Foundation, we often speak about the fact that our financial assistance is given to selected families with no restrictions as to how they should use it – a point that resonates with Elizabeth Keith.

“I love supporting Tony Foundation because 100 percent of the money raised is going to the family in need, and there are zero strings attached,” Keith said. “These are the people who are often overlooked because they have it together as the breadwinners. I love that for one part of their life, which now is controlled by doctors and medicine and so many other things, they will have the freedom to choose how to use their gift. This is a rare and amazing organization!”

Hannah Darwin noted that cancer is something that can affect anyone, and it can happen when you least expect it.

“Cancer is not an uncommon diagnoses and can affect anyone at anytime, which brings the unexpected for families and loved ones,” Darwin said. “Tony Foundation has built an amazing platform to provide a fixed donation of money that has been raised to families whose primary income owner has been diagnosed with cancer.

“This donation can be used by the family in whatever manner they decide,” Darwin said. “I think this is so special, Tony Foundation is providing the freedom and opportunity to families who may not feel like they have either. What an amazing gift to offer a family in a time of need.”

In a recent survey sent to Austin Apex employees, some other comments were shared anonymously. Here are a few:

  • “Tony Foundation is just starting, so it is nice to help a foundation that is not as well known yet.”
  • “I love the idea of supporting Tony Foundation! Feels like the (dollars) that we raise will have a direct impact! “
  • “… I love the idea of supporting a local, known organization. LOVE THE TONY FOUNDATION!”
Scott Kennedy, Vice President, Texas District, being a good sport at a fundraising event

We love you too, Apex, and we can’t do this without you! We could never have known that a few phone calls and some conversations about helping families in need would turn into such a successful partnering.

Tony Foundation will provide financial assistance to another family next month (with more to come soon after), and part of that help is the direct result of the commitment and efforts of Apex’s employees.

A huge Tony Foundation “THANK YOU!” to everyone at Apex Systems. We look forward to continuing this mission together as we help as many families as possible.