This fun Masters Tournament “pick ’em” predates Tony Foundation, but it’s a perfect way to support the cause while demonstrating your knowledge of professional golf (or better yet – just taking a guess!). Essentially, the selected pros are grouped at various levels and you choose the ones you think will play the best in the 2019 Masters Tournament, which takes place April 11-14 in beautiful Augusta, Georgia.

Each entry is $20, and as you get to the end of the entry form you will see an option to make a contribution to Tony Foundation. Any contributions are entirely optional, and will ultimately be provided to cancer fighters and their families struggling to make ends meet.

There are some details to cover …

Masters Entry/Payment Form: SUBMIT AN ENTRY    

After each entry, you will receive an email with your selections and your payment amount. Submit as many entries as you wish, and share this link with others!

Masters Game Scoring: Choose 7 players as your team.  Your team of 7 players must consist of one “A” player, one “B” player, one “C” player, one “D” player, one “E” player, one “F” player, one “G” player. The online form will walk you through the selection process.

Your team score will be the cumulative total relative to par of all 7 players at the end of the tournament. If a player you choose misses the cut, his two-day total relative to par will be his score, plus 5 strokes. EXAMPLE: If Phil Mickelson shoots +6 and misses the cut, he will count +11 for your final total on Sunday. (The objective is to build a solid team of 7 players; not just picking the winner). Unfortunately, if a player is Disqualified or Withdrew (after ANY Masters play has begun), they will be an automatic +8 or worse for the tourney. EX: If a player was +16 when they WD in the 3rd round, their total for your team would be +16.

Masters Entry Deadline:


If a player does withdraw BEFORE the 4/10/19 entry deadline, you will be allowed to change one of your picks from the same grouping by emailing us your replacement before the entry deadline. If any notable players get added to the Masters field before the deadline, we will consider adding them to one of the letter groups on the entry form. That will be at our admins’ discretion (they might not get added to our groupings). Feel free to check the entry link, to view the player groupings.

Masters Payout: 

We will payout Top 5% of total entries-  EX: If we have 200 entries, we will pay out the Top 10 and ties. The exact payout structure will be determined on that Wednesday night and relayed to you, along with the spreadsheet of everyone’s roster selections. Each entry is $20, paid through the entry link above.

Masters Payout Ties:

1st place tie rule (only used for 1st place tiebreaker): If multiple teams tie for best total score, the Masters tournament winner would be a tie-breaker. If multiple teams have best score and also have the tournament winner, then a split will be performed. EXAMPLE: Dave, Tim, and Aldo all tie for best Masters team with a combined score of -12 but only Dave and Aldo both had the Masters Champ on their team, only Dave and Aldo would split 1st/2nd Place payouts and Tim would then finish in 3rd place. If only one of those 3 entries had the Masters winner, that person would win 1st place outright and other two entries would split 2nd/3rd place payouts.

All other payout spots will be paid out accordingly. 100% entry payouts, excluding credit card processing fees.

*The Dustin Johnson Rule: If a player Withdrew the morning of the first round of the tourney (before ANY Masters play has begun) they will get replaced. Everyone who had this particular player will all get the same replacement from same letter group, according to highest world ranking. EX: Dustin Johnson from A group WD from the tourney after the masters entry deadline, but before tourney begins the next morning, the next highest world ranking player will be substituted (in this case, Justin Rose would be replacement of DJ). This could apply to all letter groups. This rule is very rarely needed but we wanted to address it. We can not accept “post-deadline” substitutions emailed to us.

Please feel free to send any questions or requests to Good luck to all and please send an invite to friends and family you feel would be interested in joining the fun!!! 
Thanks for any donations to Tony Foundation! All of you are making a very real difference in people’s lives (see how w/ this 60 sec video— Meet Johnny and Briana)