Explore the Cancer Colors

Cancer touches all of us in different ways, whether we are patients, caregivers, or have loved ones affected by the disease. Did you know how many types of cancer are represented by their own colors and ribbons, including one for caregivers? See our diagram below and consider which ribbons have a personal meaning for you.

all cancers lavender appendix amber bladder marigold, purple & blue bone yellow brain gray breast pink carcinoid zebra stripe cervical teal & white childhood gold colon dark blue esophageal & stomach periwinkle gallbladder & bile duct kelly green head & neck ivory & burgundy hodgkin's lymphoma violet honors caregivers plum kidney orange leiomyosarcoma purple leukemia orange liver emerald green lung white lymphoma lime melanoma black multiple myeloma burgundy ovarian teal pancreatic purple prostate light blue sarcoma yellow testicular orchid thyroid teal, pink & blue uterine peach