A note from Tony:

Giving Tuesday is a global giving day every year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. I feel there’s no better way to give this holiday season than to honor those you have lost and to do so with a donation.

During this time of year, I am reminded of the family members I have lost because they are not at the dinner table or at family gatherings. I try to be thankful for everyone that I HAD and still have in my life. The people that I think of are mostly individuals who I spent a lot of time with during the holidays in the past. Those fond memories that sometimes begin to fade as time goes by can now be honored in a unique way. This is not limited to cancer- this is for ANYONE that you miss during the holiday season. Please share with us in this special tribute to our loved ones.

I want everyone to think about a loved one they have lost and consider making a donation in their honor. Please let us know who you are honoring w/ your donation(by using the “notes” section during your donation process) and throughout the giving season we will post the names of those that we are LIFTING UP and remembering to all of our followers on email and social media. You are also welcome to send us a picture and we will try to post that as well (instructions will be provided). I really want this time of year to be all about giving back. I recently talked to someone in my network who told me of their loved one who is struggling through a cancer diagnosis and just trying to get by. They are inevitably going to have a tougher holiday season than most. I can vouch for this harsh reality, personally.

I have always loved this time of year for many reasons. I want all of us to spend a little time to focus on those who aren’t able to enjoy the fun celebrations, parties, shopping chaos, and bundling up around a campfire with friends & family. This should be a time when we don’t think about “I” or “me”; it is about the people that we will be helping as a result of your generosity – the same people that Tony Foundation will begin assisting in February of 2019.

“For families dealing with cancer around the holidays, we want to help you. We will honor our loved ones who have passed in order to help you guys who are still fighting this terrible disease.”


In loving memory of Tony’s Gramps, Ray Traver (pictured with Tony’s brother Kevin)

In loving memory of Carrie Laudadio’s Aunt Virginia Malone

In loving memory of Scott Patterson’s mother, LaVerne Patterson

(pictured with Scott’s dad, Joe)

In loving memory of Tony’s Grandude & Grandmother, Paul and Fay Laudadio

In loving memory of Carrie’s Grandmother Queta Garcia, Uncle Richard Garcia,

and Mother Edna Garcia (pictured with Lou Aguilar)

In loving memory of Marilyn Schultz, Tony’s mentor and great friend

(In 2005 at St.Edward’s University)