Pictured above: A big Tony Foundation “thank you” to our friend Eric Medina, who donated $500, and to all of our other donors thus far.

It’s been three weeks since we launched Tony Foundation, and we are thrilled about the supportive response we are getting from friends and family, friends-of-friends, and even complete strangers. We received several messages like the following (from Facebook), which mean a lot:

“I think the non-profit you’re starting is such a noble cause. My mom had cancer when I was very young … thankfully she survived, but because she was the main bread winner, our family really suffered financially for many, many years after. What a great thing you’re doing!”

It really drives home the fact that cancer changes peoples’ lives in ways we can’t always see and predict. A person’s cancer battle can affect their children and other family members for years and possibly even the rest of their lives. The mission of Tony Foundation is to try to help families caught in this very situation – the sole provider/income earner is no longer able to work due to treatment or other effects of their cancer. This can be especially critical at the outset, when the family is still reeling from a new diagnosis and facing a lot of up-front medial costs.

We can’t do this without you! Over the coming weeks and months we will be announcing various fundraisers and other cool ways to contribute. There are a few things you can do right away to help:

  • Stay tuned by signing up for email updates, liking our Facebook page, and following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Share Tony Foundation – send your friends and colleagues our website link ( or invite them to follow our Facebook page.
  • Donate, if you are able. Large or small, every donation brings us closer to helping families in need.

We thank you for your support!