Angela has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She and her husband Brent have two kids at home, and two grown kids out in the world. Her cancer battle has changed their lives in more ways than they could imagine, and new challenges and hurdles seem to pop up every day.

“I pretty much live quarter to quarter,” Angela said. She had a crainiotomy to remove a 3.6 cm tumor in the back of her brain. She has to have Herceptin infusions every three weeks through a port in order to live … due to having an aggressive, fast-growing cancer. She takes four chemo pills every morning. To make matters worse, she’s been told they owe thousands in outstanding medical bills — not surprising when just one medication alone (the Herceptin) is nearly $1,000 out-of-pocket per week.

We met with Angela and her family to provide some help that they urgently need. Our assistance provides some breathing room at a critical time when she needs to be focused on her treatment and healing, not mounting financial bills.

Thank you to Apex Systems employees and all of our donors for making this financial grant possible. Angela, Brent, and their kids are incredibly grateful for your support, and so are we.