Cesar is in his 40’s and fighting for his life with stage 4 cancer. Cesar is a dad to two boys and was the sole provider for his family before getting sick. When we awarded his family with a $5,000 grant last week, they were shocked and I also was shocked that they wanted to meet while he was laying in the hospital. That was a first for us for one of our awards but they really needed some help and they didn’t want to wait, even though they didn’t know what the gift would be. We are very honored to help them during this incredibly difficult time. Cesar has had around 100 blood transfusions and it is really taking its toll. His wife Trilce of 20 years is always right by his side doing what she can to life his spirits. This gift from all of YOU the donors is making their life a little easier right now and allowing them to just focus on his health. Please know that you all that contribute to our cause are helping us #makeanimpact #cancersucks #tonyfoundationfamily


Praying for your family Cesar and Trilce.

-Tony & Scott