Tony Foundation provides critical financial assistance to families affected by cancer.

A team of medical professionals in the oncology field selects and vets families for assistance. This provides the highest level of transparency and assurance that donations are used where they are needed most.

Check out Tony's Story. For the backstory on the start of our non-profit foundation, read Our Journey Begins.

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Recent Posts

Livestrong Picked TF!

We were recently notified that Livestrong picked us–$10,000 match (along w/ only a few other orgs) for Amplify Austin Day! This is really exciting news!! Please select us on…

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Helping Mirna’s Family

Mirna is a single mother of two kids who has worked diligently for ten years in a middle school cafeteria. That is until she was no longer able to work due to her illness. Mirna is fighting breast cancer, and mounting medical bills from doctor visits and chemotherapy have caused severe financial hardship for her […]

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Families We’ve Helped

This is a gallery of award receiving family recipients. We have been honored to help all these deserving families that are struggling with financial hardship. We look forward to building a longer list with the help of our volunteers and donors.

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Board of Directors

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