Tony Foundation meets immediate needs for families affected by cancer in Texas.

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Helping Armando and Margarita

Armando was a professional truck driver when he was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. His illness and treatments rendered him unable to continue working, and the family was left with zero income at their most vulnerable time: the beginning of a cancer fight. With three children, ages 7, 12, and 13, Armando and his […]

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Our visit with the Fuller Family

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Fullers, and we knew right away that they were a deserving family in need of our assistance. Loren is a dedicated family man who is currently battling pancreatic cancer. Since becoming ill, he has been unable to work while supporting a family of eight. Loren’s wife, Melanie, […]

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How I turned my kidney and brain cancer diagnoses into something meaningful

From BY TONY LAUDADIOWhen I was diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 29, I thought I had a life-changing story to tell. I was enjoying a great career and my young, growing family in Austin, Texas. When my doctor called and said I had a very large mass, I didn’t even know what that […]

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